Where can I find the whole festival schedule ?

The complete festival schedule is available on our website: Schedule. This schedule is constantly being updated right up until show times, so it is the most reliable source of information. All festival shows are listed on ticketscene.ca and are searchable by artist name or venue. The festival also prints a paper program that is available at all venues during the festival, however the program will not reflect last minute changes.

Are all of the performers young and local ?

Many performers in early LIVE festivals were young local artists however recent festivals have hosted performers of all ages, diverse musical genres and from across Ontario and also Quebec. The collaborative atmosphere encouraged by LIVE attracts new musical projects as well as performers returning to live performance after a hiatus. In addition to over 10 musical genres, this year’s festival also includes performances of dance, poetry and comedy. LIVE accepts all applications and works diligently to provide venues suitable for all interested performers.

Do the performers get paid ?

LIVE runs like a cooperative and all performers and volunteers are members who have equal opportunity to sell festival tickets to the public. The model for 2017 is an All Access Pass that sells for $15 and the member selling the pass earns $10. A Single Show ticket sells for $5 and the member selling the ticket earns $3. There is no obligation for any member to sell tickets, nor a minimum or maximum number of tickets that a member needs to sell. Sometimes members are presented with honorariums after the festival to cover travel expenses, providing the sound for a stage, or MCing a long showcase. This model allows for hundreds of performers to be compensated by a festival that currently receives under $2000 from government funding or only “in kind” corporate and media sponsorship.

Who runs Peterborough LIVE Music Festival ?

Since 2013, a group of very dedicated volunteers has formed a committee every fall to run the festival in the spring. The committee was originally formed by a group of high school-aged musicians from very diverse musical genres and a couple of their parents. Membership on the committee is open to anyone who has a passion for supporting live performance and all LIVE festival organizers are also performers/artists. Apply to get involved using our application form.